Moving Beyond Patterns: Selling Software as a Crafting Business

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It’s a common misconception among crafting enthusiasts that, in order to turn a profit and build a successful business through digital goods, the only choice is to sell knitting patterns or other instructional products. In fact, crafty creators with a bit of software design know-how can make a bundle by selling programs which help other crafters to complete their projects.

Selling Software as a Crafter

Choosing to sell software as part of an online business which caters to the crafting community can be a lucrative and rewarding choice, but it’s crucial to establish a trustworthy and reputable brand to optimize sales. This includes not only building a responsive and helpful customer service system, but also a smooth shopping and digital checkout experience.

Because you will need to have enough time to create new products, promote your store and build your brand, it’s almost always best to work with a comprehensive ecommerce platform like, which streamlines the entire process of completing and fulfilling a transaction. With secure content hosting, automated content delivery and payment processing through trusted sources like PayPal and Google Wallet, a great ecommerce platform can put you on the road to success before you even make your first sale.

Marketing: The Key to Selling Software

Offering a high-quality product which functions as advertised is of crucial importance to new online merchants, but the key to establishing your business and sustaining growth is a great marketing plan.

Social media can be a very powerful tool in your promotional arsenal, but will typically allow you to reach only your existing connections and people within your followers’ networks. To get the attention of potential buyers from around the world, you’ll need to tap into audiences which would otherwise be beyond the scope of your own reach. An affiliate network is a great way to accomplish this goal, as it allows you to reach the followers of established voices within the community for a small portion of the proceeds from sales they generate. Strong ecommerce platforms will also include an affiliate marketing program, which helps you to sell software products to their audiences.

You don’t have to sell knitting patterns or instructional ebooks to make money within the crafting community. As a crafter, you know what types of programs would help you to accomplish your goals, and are uniquely placed to meet those needs by selling software which facilitates the creation of new projects. From digital scrapbook software to pattern generators and everything in between, you can create and start selling software which helps you make money while building a valuable brand reputation.


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