Maximizing the Sales Potential of Your E-Book Download

Sell E-book

With so many different options for selling your self-published e-book download, how do you find the right path? When the future of your brand as an author rests on making the best decisions to support sales and reputation, it’s vital to build a strong business plan. You don’t have to be a sales expert to make your mark on the e-book world, though. You just need to strategically partner with tool and service providers dedicated to helping you thrive.

Where and How to Sell an E-Book Download

You’ve made the decision to self-publish so you can keep more of the money you earn while retaining full creative control over your work. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to carefully examine your sales options when you’re ready to put your e-book download on the market. What may seem like the most obvious choice, the popular eReader device marketplaces, may actually undermine your decision. Proprietary marketplaces like Amazon’s Kindle Store do offer exposure to a wide audience, but some of their publishing plans will require exclusive sales agreements in exchange for higher shares of the profits and priority sales placement. Others may also require you to allow promotional price cuts at the marketplace’s discretion. Choosing one of these plans means you’ll keep a higher percentage of the sales proceeds, but you’ll effectively be forfeiting control over pricing and sales. You’ll also be limiting your audience to only buyers who own a specific device, which can actually damage sales potential.

The best option for most authors is to choose non-exclusive plans through all of the proprietary marketplaces, with a greater emphasis on sales through your own web store. This means you’ll need a sales system in place for managing your own corner of the online market.

Managing an E-Book Download Business

Many of the perceived benefits of exclusive market placement lie in the convenience of business you don’t have to actively manage. What many new digital content creators don’t realize is that you can reap all of those benefits without losing control over your product by choosing a dedicated eCommerce platform. When you place your e-book download in all the major marketplaces while also managing a web store of your own, you’re able to create an easy, convenient and reliable sales system tailored to your needs.

Systems like allow you to replicate many aspects of the major marketplace experience, without requiring you to surrender control over your pricing structure and products. You’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of easy, reliable automated content delivery and trustworthy payment processing. Choosing a high-end eCommerce platform also allows you access to valuable marketing tools, like affiliate marketing networks, which help to increase your brand visibility. Build your sales network today, and start enjoying the perks that come with taking charge of your own business plan.

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