Marketing Your eBook Download on a Budget

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Are you ready to release your eBook download? Starting your career with your very first self-published book in digital format is an exciting step, but it can also be an overwhelming one. There are so many options available, simply settling on one to build your business around is daunting. While many systems advertise ease of use, there are often some hidden drawbacks. In the end, the key to effective and financially feasible eBook download marketing often comes back to where and how you sell your work in the first place. Rather than opting for a restrictive plan offered by proprietary eReader device marketplaces, consider launching your own web store. This will give you the freedom to market how you see fit, while allowing you to keep more of your earnings.

How Your Sales System Affects eBook Download Marketing

When you work with a proprietary mass marketplace, you’re often limited to a few marketing options, many of which are expensive and risky. You can invest in sponsored social media posts and banner ads, which your target audience may scroll right past out of habit. You’ll spend the money before your ads go live, so there’s no way of knowing how effective an expensive ad campaign will be until it does or does not yield favorable results. What many new online content merchants don’t know is that affiliate marketing offers the single best alternative to prepaid advertising. Essentially working on commission, your affiliates only get paid when they generate a sale for you. When you work with an eCommerce platform service which includes affiliate network access, you never have to worry about dividing commissions or paying affiliates; the money from each affiliate-driven sale is automatically directed to the marketing partner.

Dedicated eCommerce systems like are built to help you not only manage your sales, but also to boost them with built-in affiliate marketing. When you choose these systems over less controlling ones, you’re far better positioned to create conditions favorable to sales success.

eBook Marketing and Sales Management 

Choosing a comprehensive sales system gives you the freedom to set your own rules while providing all the perks of managed mass-market sales. Payments are automatically processed through reliable names, like PayPal and Google Wallet, which are seamlessly integrated. Your eBook download files are securely hosted, and automatically delivered to your customers immediately upon completing a transaction. Affiliates are paid automatically, giving you a system which is essentially hands-off. You’re able to pay more attention to promotion and new product development, and spend less time  on the busywork of managing your web store. High-quality systems also make it easy to skip the expensive professional website, because you can cut and paste simple HTML code into an inexpensive template site or free blog site. When marketing and sales management are so simple, it’s easy to get your eBook download on the market and into the hands of readers. Get started today!

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