Marketing Your E-Book Download

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How do you get the word out about your new e-book download? As a self-published author, you have more freedom and more control than would ever be possible under a traditional publishing contract. The one thing you don’t have is access to corporate public relations departments and dedicated marketing teams. You’re responsible for boosting your brand’s signal, and figuring out the best way to do so can be overwhelming. Before you invest heavily in risky marketing ploys, take the time to learn how you can safely and reliably promote your work.

Pre-Paid Advertising for E-Book Download Products

If your experience in online sales is limited, you may think the only options available to you for marketing are pre-paid, expensive banner ads and sponsored social media posts. While these can be effective, there’s no guarantee your investment will pay off in the long run. You’ll shell out the money for placement, but your posts and ads may be ignored by the very readers you’re hoping to target. Profits from sales generated by these ads may not even cover the expenses, let alone generate a profit. For an author with limited investment capital who is just starting a career, this can be financially devastating. A far better option is to join an affiliate marketing network. When you choose an affiliate system which is built into a dedicated eCommerce platform, like, you’re able to boost effectiveness, efficiency and your bottom line without increasing overhead costs.

What is an Affiliate Network, and How Does it Help Sell an E-Book Download?

An affiliate network is a system of marketing which connects you with marketers who are willing to promote your products. Instead of paying a large sum up front to market your e-book download, you share a small portion of the proceeds from each sale generated by a specific affiliate. If a sale comes in from an affiliate’s special tracking link, a fraction of the money coming in is automatically diverted to them. This means you’re only paying for marketing when it actually works, and your affiliates are only getting paid when they make the effort to promote your products.

Selling your e-book download through an eCommerce platform with a built-in affiliate network allows you to consolidate all of your sales-related tasks, from payment processing to automated content delivery, file hosting to marketing. You can log in to one account to manage every aspect of your business, helping you become the next e-book download superstar.

Don’t spend a fortune investing in marketing which may not even be effective. Stay in control and on top of the game by choosing sales support systems which work for you and your e-book download business.

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