Marketing: the Key to Selling Ebooks

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Your manuscript may be one of the most polished and best executed entries to the market of the decade, but it won’t sell if readers aren’t aware of its existence. In order to make money, establish your brand as an author and begin to cultivate an authorial career, you’ll need to focus on not only your writing and editing skills, but also your ability to market your work to foster ebook sales.

Sell Your Ebook, Sell Your Brand

As an author, the name under which you publish your work is almost as important as the product you release. Your debut offering puts your name out there, and as it works to help you gain more fans, those people are more likely to become return customers when you publish new ebooks. Whether you publish under your given name or choose a pen name, it essentially becomes your brand name. A great marketing plan helps you to reach as many new readers as possible, building interest in your brand and helping you to establish a fanbase.

When you choose to self-publish, selling ebooks through marketing and promotions becomes largely your own responsibility. You won’t have the marketing department of a major publishing company on your side. While this does mean you’ll have to work a bit harder to get the word out about your book, you’ll also be able to retain more control over promotional materials and pricing. When your efforts start to pay off and you’re successfully building ebook sales, you’re also selling your brand and building a network of potential future buyers for your next projects.

How to Build Ebook Sales Through Online Publishing

You’ll have a wide variety of options for setting up your online marketplace, and though it’s a choice you’ll make early on in your new career, it’s one which can have far-reaching implications. Many authors new to self-publishing will opt to place their work in proprietary marketplaces with exclusivity requirements for the sake of simplicity, but it is, in fact, possible to set up your own webstore and manage your own marketing with some degree of simplicity.

Working with a trusted and reliable ecommerce provider like allows you to reap all the benefits of a marketplace sales center with none of the exclusivity requirements. You’re free to sell your work however you see fit, and you’ll have access to valuable marketing tools like affiliate network access.

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most effective ways of increasing your reach on a relatively short time line. In exchange for a portion of the proceeds from each successful sale, experienced bloggers and Internet personalities with an established web presence will act as marketing partners. Because they’re able to reach potential buyers who would otherwise be far outside your personal sphere of influence, your marketing reach increases substantially. Consider the benefits of affiliate marketing and the freedom of operating your own marketplace, and start building your brand as a successful author today.

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