Marketing: The Key to Selling Digital Goods

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One of the most popular and attractive new markets to emerge in the last decade centers around selling digital goods. As more products are created with digital download counterparts, physical media sales are beginning to decline in favor of instant downloads. Still, for every successful online retail venture, there are several failures. While there are several different factors which will ultimately determine the value of a new online business, one of the most vitally important –and most often overlooked– is marketing.

Increasing Audience Reach and Selling Digital Goods

You have an incredible product, and are ready to start your online business. While it is crucial to offer high-quality products to the buying public, the strength of your venture will not rest solely upon the merit of your offerings. Even a perfect, reasonably priced digital product will founder and potentially fail if it’s not backed by a strong marketing plan. After all, selling digital goods is impossible if no one knows your store exists.

When you begin selling digital goods online, you’ll immediately have access to the pool of social media followers and connections within your existing network. When these people share information about your business, you’ll also have access to their friends and followers. Your organic reach is absolutely important, and will serve as the foundation of your sales potential. Still, in order to continually generate income and build sales, you’ll need to keep expanding your reach with every passing day. Eventually, you will exhaust all of the resources within your own network. This is where, if you have no marketing plan in place and no intention to actively promote your products, your business will begin to struggle.

How Affiliate Marketing Helps You Sell Digital Goods

When you choose an ecommerce platform to streamline payment processing, transaction management and content delivery, you’ll be faced with a wide array of options. Look for one which includes not only payment and delivery management services, but also access to an affiliate network, like

An affiliate network allows you to outsource some of your marketing duties to people with their own dedicated web following, whose reach will include people far beyond the scope of your own organic reach. Rather than paying a flat fee for services rendered and hoping for the best, you’ll share a portion of the proceeds from each sale generated by an affiliate with them. This not only allows you to avoid exceeding your marketing budget, but also to work with product promoters who have a vested interest in helping you increase sales. Since they only get paid if their followers make a purchase, you aren’t paying for marketing plans which may or may not yield noticeable results.

When you prepare to start your online business selling digital goods, it’s wise to carefully consider the potential impact of affiliate marketing. The strength of your product, paired with the efforts of seasoned marketers, can help you to build a thriving online business.


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