Marketing Techniques for Online Merchants

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Selling digital products is a great way to start your own business with limited start-up capital. In order to make your business venture a successful one, however, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of the best marketing techniques. Making sure your target demographic is aware of your product is an essential part of your success, and can make all the difference when it comes to your new online business.

Reaching New Audiences Through Better Marketing Techniques

While the options for innovative marketing are almost endless, there are some tried-and-true techniques you should use to supplement your own ideas. When they’re used in conjunction with your unique concepts as part of a cohesive marketing plan, you can turn your online business into a strong profit.

  • Social Media – The beauty of social media lies within the sharing aspect. Through sites like Facebook and Twitter, your existing followers can share or retweet your marketing posts, thus turning their followers into your potential audience. Consider giveaways and contests as an incentive for shares, likes and retweets, and you’ll increase your audience exponentially.
  • Blogs and Personal Websites – Social media is an important part of online promotion, but it’s only one of the marketing techniques you need to master. An official blog gives you the perfect platform to discuss upcoming products, any sales or promotions in the future and to keep your customers updated. Updated regularly, a blog can become the go-to source for your existing customer base, which then encourages continued purchasing. A website with a memorable URL is a great way to generate word of mouth promotion, as well as new sales by redirecting to a sales page.
  • Affiliate Marketing – They say two heads are better than one. When it comes to marketing, the more cheerleaders your brand has, the more people it will reach. By paying affiliate marketers a portion of the proceeds from each sale they generate, you’re giving them an incentive to keep spreading the word about your brand.
  • SEO – Most people turn to their favorite search engine when they’re looking for more information about a product they’d like to buy or a place to find a specific digital item. By optimizing your website and promotional materials with SEO, you’re able to increase the chances of your site turning up in the results of their search.
  • Generate Buzz – Whether you sell ebooks, software, downloadable music or video games, great reviews of your product can be one of the most powerful marketing techniques at your disposal. Consider sending review copies of select products to popular bloggers and reviewers in exchange for fair, honest reviews. With a high-quality product, you’ll get glowing feedback for the price of a single shared copy.

Recognizing your target audience and understanding their needs allows you to tailor your marketing techniques and promotional approach accordingly. Do a bit of market research, find out who your products are most likely to benefit, and make sure they’re the focus of your marketing plan. Boost customer satisfaction by using a content delivery service like, which gives you access to the very best in payment processing while ensuring each and every one of your clients obtains the files they’ve purchased immediately. PayLoadz also offers a strong affiliate marketing program, which helps you to boost brand visibility. In no time at all, you’ll be turning a tidy profit from the sale of digital goods.


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