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If you’ve been giving your work away for free, now’s the time to start earning a profit from your software. Sell to audiences around the world, boost the signal for your brand and build a presence by taking advantage of the powerful tools offered by high-quality service providers. When you launch and maintain a web store, you’re able to turn your passion for designing software into a lucrative and rewarding business venture. All you need is the right support system in place.

How to Promote Your Software, Sell it Independently and Thrive

As an independent content creator, you’re not likely to have the same financial resources at your disposal as a large corporate entity. Making a run at success on your own can seem like an overwhelming task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. You can easily release your software, sell it to audiences around the world and make a name for yourself, all on the smallest of shoestring budgets. The key is to understand the tools and services you need for the job, and how to apply that knowledge efficiently.

You know you can’t pay or get paid without a reliable payment processing system, and that secure file hosting is vital. You also know how important it is to ensure instant download delivery, along with low-risk marketing, but how do you consolidate all of these needs under a single virtual umbrella? Dedicated eCommerce platforms like are designed to help you release your software, sell it independently and manage your own web store with ease. You don’t even need an expensive, custom-built website. Free blog sites or easy template sites can be turned into sales portals with the addition of simple HTML code. Built-in affiliate network access through the best eCommerce platforms even gives you access to marketing you pay for only when it’s effective.

Affiliate Networks: Promote Software, Sell with No Risk

Investing up front in prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts puts you in a potentially difficult position, especially if your startup funding is limited. You’ll pay in advance for your ads to run, and you’re never guaranteed to see a return on that investment. For many new online merchants, it’s easier to promote software, sell it and build a brand by taking advantage of affiliate networks built in to better eCommerce platform services.

Start exploring your options today, and find out just how easy it can be to start your own business online.

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