Managing Your MP3 Downloading Business

Sell Music Downloads

It’s no secret that MP3 downloading is the future when it comes to music sales. The vast majority of today’s listeners prefer to digitally download their favorite songs. While some specialty products, like vinyl records, have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, these are largely niche products for avid collectors. In almost all cases, it’s better and more effective for an unsigned artist to focus on digital file sharing and MP3 downloading business models.

Though you may know you should be focusing your time and energy on creating a digital music catalog for sale, it’s not always easy to know where and how you should sell those files. There are a wealth of options, but also a wide array of conflicting advice regarding online music sales. Sorting fact from fiction can seem daunting, but certainly doesn’t have to be.

Getting Your MP3 Downloading Business Up and Running

To get started selling your music, you need an expensive website with all the eCommerce bells and whistles, custom-designed by a professional at an exorbitant price, right? Wrong! This is one of the first and most expensive mistakes musicians and other digital download creators make when attempting to bring their products to market. There’s no need to invest such a substantial amount of money into your MP3 downloading business before you ever even make your first sale.

Using a high-quality eCommerce platform gives you all the benefits of a custom website and more, all at a fraction of the cost. Systems like the one designed by allows you to use simple, cut-and-paste HTML code to turn everything from a social media profile to a free blog site into a sales portal. In addition to saving thousands of dollars, you’ll reap the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness. You never have to worry about manual processing of payments or order fulfillment, because your eCommerce platform automates delivery and integrates trusted payment services like PayPal and Google Wallet. MP3 downloading starts the moment payment is received, giving your customers immediate access to the files they’ve purchased. Fully automated sales systems mean you don’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep. Your store virtually runs itself, leaving you free to focus your energy and precious time on new material, promotion and marketing.

Taking Your Music to the Next Level

More than almost any other factor, marketing has the ability to make or break your MP3 downloading business. No matter how innovative and compelling your music, you will not sell it if no one knows your project exists. You can invest in pre-paid advertising to boost the signal, but it can have mixed results. You’ll pay for the ad placement even if it’s not effective, which can make a dent in your budget if the ads are ineffective. The best option for many new musicians just starting to sell their music is to work with an affiliate network. Affiliate marketing programs are built in to the best eCommerce platforms, and connect you with people who are well positioned to help expand your marketing reach. Choose a system with affiliate access, and you have a self-sufficient business plan. Get your MP3 downloading venture started today, and begin the work of reaching potential fans around the world. No record label required!

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