Making Your First Software Sale

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Are you ready to start earning money for your effort as an independent software designer? Without the lack of control which often accompanies corporate backing, you’re free to create and sell anything you can imagine. In fact, targeting a niche audience can be one of the best ways to make your first software sale, and to build a business with the potential for longevity. Whether you’re planning to build a brand around under-served sections of the market or ready to take on the establishment, your very first sale is also the first step to a potentially long and rewarding journey. Before you can make that first sale, however, you’ll need the right tools and services for the job. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get started. In fact, you can launch your brand on a shoestring budget and still be competitive with more heavily financed independent merchants. It’s just a matter of making informed, well-researched decisions from the very beginning.

Choosing Software Sale and Marketing Systems

The first step for too many new digital merchants is investing in an expensive, complex and professionally-built website. This can easily cost thousands of dollars and will require not only regular maintenance, but also active sales management. You’ll need to be incredibly hands on in order to ensure your clients are getting the service they expect, the products they’ve paid for and the security they demand. What many new business owners don’t realize is that this expense is not only unnecessary, but also has the potential to be more difficult all around.

Selecting a software sale and marketing system built around saving you money and time while creating a better experience for both you and your customers is one of the best ways to ensure success. Dedicated eCommerce platforms like are the go-to choice for many experienced merchants, because they put all the tools you need in your hands from the beginning. Trusted and recognized payment processing systems like Google Wallet and PayPal are seamlessly integrated. Files are hosted securely, while automated order fulfillment ensures your customers always have instant access to the products they’ve purchased. From your first software sale and beyond, a strong service provider supports you every step of the way.

Boosting the Signal: Key to Software Sale Ventures

You may have just designed the most revolutionary product ever to hit the market, but you’ll struggle to reach real success without targeted marketing. Word of mouth only takes you so far, and your organic reach is inherently limited to your extended social network. Instead of investing in risky prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts which cost money regardless of effectiveness, why not explore risk-free options? The best eCommerce platforms will include access to affiliate networks, which help you boost the signal without breaking the bank. Your affiliates only get paid when they make a sale, so you only pay for marketing when it works. Even with a tiny budget, you’re able to make a substantial impact.

Start planning for your first software sale today. Before you know it, you could be the next online sales success story.

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