Making Money Selling Crafts and Digital Supplies

Sell Digital Scrapbooks

Do you have the skills and drive to succeed in one of the most unexpectedly lucrative digital product markets? Selling crafts, patterns and supplies in digital format can help you earn money while building a career in a field you love. Whether you’re interested in creating digital scrapbooking kits or knitting patterns, how-to eBooks or an instructional video series, there’s a thriving market for crafters to corner. The trick is learning how to build your web store with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Isn’t Selling Crafts Expensive?

The cost of a professionally-built website alone can easily run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If your funding is limited, a startup may seem like an impossible goal. The truth of the matter is, though, that it doesn’t have to cost much at all to get started. You don’t even need a complex, feature-loaded website to run your business. Choose the right service partners, and you can turn anything from a free blog site to a cheap, do-it-yourself template site into a sales portal. Even your social media profiles can serve as sales hubs when you work with an eCommerce platform. Services like, for instance, are designed specifically for digital merchants. These systems streamline each and every aspect of running your small business, from safe and reliable payment processing all the way to product delivery.

Selling Crafts, Patterns and Videos: What You Need

Payments must be processed securely, but also in a manner your customers trust. Recognized and respected names like Google Wallet and PayPal go a long way when it comes to giving your customers a sense of security. Because your products are valuable, you’ll need file hosting upon which you can rely. Your customers demand instant access to the files they’ve purchased, so you must be able to provide them with automatic download delivery and order fulfillment. Fortunately, a high-quality eCommerce platform provides all this in addition to a low-cost, no-risk marketing system.

Affiliate networks are built in to the strongest eCommerce services, allowing you to access marketing you only pay for when it works. You boost the signal for your brand while reaching audiences around the world. Your affiliate receives a small portion of the proceeds from only the sales they generate. You never have to worry about gambling with your limited marketing budget on prepaid ads which may or may not be effective; in fact, you don’t even need a startup marketing budget.

Partner with high-end service providers, and start selling crafts today. A rewarding, enjoyable and lucrative career could be just around the corner!

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