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Do you have a way with words, and a story in your head just waiting to be told? You don’t have to find a publisher willing to make your dreams of success come true. When you self-publish and sell books online, you’re in control of your own destiny. Don’t sacrifice creative control, the lion’s share of your profits and the rights to your work; learn what you need to start your own online business venture, and take charge today.

The Benefits of Choosing to Sell Books Online

There was a time when self-publishing was an expensive and risky proposition. Authors were forced to bankroll printing, marketing and other costs associated with sales in hopes of earning a profit. The start-up costs alone were often prohibitive, and such high initial investments meant reaching profitability was a long journey. Today, things are decidedly different.

A single digital download can be sold an infinite number of times, so there’s no expense associated with reprinting and stocking. Because the Internet connects self-published authors with a global network of potential readers, there’s also no shortage of customers to whom they can sell. Instead of a few physical copies on the shelves of regional bookstores, you’re able to reach an almost limitless reader base. You keep the profits, and you control your business when you choose to sell books online.

Building an Online eBook Business

After your manuscript has been edited, finalized and formatted as an eBook, you’re ready to sell books online. This is where partnering with the right service providers becomes crucial to your success. You don’t need a literary agent or an expensive website. What you do need is a business plan tailored to helping you sell books online.

You must be able to offer your customers a safe way to pay and instant access to their new eBooks in order to meet their expectations. Bad online reviews are forever, and the last thing your business needs is negative feedback about risky payments or missing downloads. As a merchant, you also have needs. These include not only secure file hosting and payment processing capability, but also access to the marketing tools which help you get potential buyers’ attention. High-end eCommerce platforms like include not only the basic tools you need to keep your business running smoothly, but also access to an effective affiliate marketing network which helps you maximize sales potential.

Don’t waste time and effort seeking out publishers and agents who will take the largest portion of your sales proceeds. Self-publish and sell books online on your own to maximize profits while minimizing anxiety with strategic sales partnerships.

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