Make Your Mark on the Music Industry: Learn How to Sell Beats

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What do most modern pop, R&B and hip hop songs on the radio today have in common? They’re all built around a pre-made electronic beat. While lyrical content and vocal tracks can alter the overall style and sound of pre-made beats significantly, those beats are also the foundation of the finished song. Many vocalists depend upon pre-made beats from another artists for each song they record, making it a wise investment for knowledgeable musicians to sell beats.

How to Sell Beats

Unlike a finished product, you’ll be creating and marketing a product designed specifically to be used as only one component of a song. While it may be the foundation of the track, your beat is only part of the overall puzzle. Learning how to sell beats will require established musicians to adapt their songwriting style in order to accommodate writing only a portion of the song, and also to learn a few successful sales tactics.

After you’ve mastered the content creation phase of your new business venture, it’s time to learn how to sell beats optimally. Often, your success will be largely predicated upon your ability to network with other musicians and market your products, boosted by the power and worldwide audience available via the Internet. You’ll also need to learn the best methods of payment processing, file delivery and content hosting.

Tools You Need to Sell Beats Online

The Internet is, by far, one of the best places to start selling beats. In addition to the ability to reach potential buyers from around the world, you’ll also be able to easily process transactions and deliver beats to your customers if you’re using the right tools.

Many musicians and content creators are under the incorrect assumption that they need a personal website, along with custom shopping cart and payment processing software, to make a sale online. This isn’t necessarily true; in fact, working with a total ecommerce platform solution is almost always a more efficient and effective choice. With service providers like, you can concentrate on marketing, promotion and content creation without worrying about processing transactions or monitoring sales alerts. Automated content delivery ensures your customers will obtain their products immediately upon purchase, and transactions are processed through trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet. With the simple addition of an easy, cut-and-paste HTML link, you can turn all of your social networking profiles and personal blog sites into an effective sales portal.

A strong reputation and great customer service are almost as important as a flawless product when it comes to selling beats online. With a dependable ecommerce solution, you don’t have to worry about negative feedback stemming from a missed sales alert or improperly processed payment. Your customers are satisfied, and you’re free to concentrate on expanding your store by creating more new beats.


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