Make the Most of Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank is Not the Only Option

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For content creators who hope to become successful online merchants, one of the most efficient and effective tools is affiliate marketing. Clickbank, one of the Internet’s most popular and well-known affiliate networks, is a large and powerful system which can substantially impact your reach. Still, it’s not the only option. Many sellers of digital goods make the mistake of using only one network for affiliate marketing. Clickbank, on its own, can improve your sales; supplementing Clickbank with participation in other affiliate programs can exponentially increase traffic to your products

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network which allows merchants to effectively outsource some of their promotional efforts. Marketers are usually established web personalities and bloggers who have built a following over whom they have a bit of influence. These marketers promote products within their network, earning a portion of the proceeds from each sale. Online merchants benefit from increased traffic and sales growth, while marketers are able to earn a profit by simply suggesting products to their readers.

Unlike banner ads and other paid advertising, sellers don’t have to spend money in order to increase sales. Affiliate marketers are only paid a portion of the sales they generate, so there is a built-in incentive for marketers which doesn’t require a large, up-front investment from merchants. Marketers within a network are able to reach potential customers which would otherwise be out of reach for content providers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship in which both parties are able to generate income.

Clickbank and Beyond

Clickbank is a great program, and one which brings a noticeable amount of success to participating parties. Still, too many content providers make the mistake of placing all of their virtual eggs in the Clickbank basket. Participating in more than one affiliate network allows you to increase your reach dramatically, generating sales from a wider variety of sources. Because managing affiliate networks through several providers can be overwhelming, it’s usually best for content providers to supplement Clickbank by joining an affiliate network connected to a comprehensive ecommerce platform, like In addition to payment processing, content hosting and automated file delivery, a great ecommerce platform should also include access to an affiliate network to supplement additional options, like Clickbank. By choosing a streamlined solution, you can minimize the number of accounts connected to your business which must be managed, creating a more efficient and more successful sales system.


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