Make Money with Your Ebook: Sell it Online

Selling Books Online

There’s only one thing most people want to do after they finish writing and formatting an ebook: sell it for a profit. The symbiotic relationship between authors and readers makes them dependent upon one another, and an author can’t gain popularity if no one ever reads their book. Self-publishing through the Internet and use of proven e-commerce platforms can help you build a market for your ebook, sell it to your readers and see a return on your investment of time and effort. Before you start shopping your manuscript to major publishing houses who may or may not publish your novel, consider selling ebooks to build your own audience.

Write An Ebook, Sell it Online

Starting your self-publishing venture will require you to dedicate both time and energy into the process. The best-selling and most popular self-published ebooks sell because they’re carefully formatted and of comparable quality to those distributed by major publishers. Writers can and sometimes do start selling ebooks which aren’t carefully edited or formatted properly, but their sales and brand image suffer when customers purchase products of low quality.

Take the time to carefully edit your content, and consider hiring an outside editor to find grammatical errors you may not find on your own. For many self-published authors, the cost of hiring an editor is simply an investment in their business which pays off in the form of better reviews, better sales and more revenue.

Selling ebooks can help you expand your audience while making a profit, but the key to strong and sustained sales is a combination of determined marketing and great content.

Selling Ebooks: How to Get Started

When your content is polished and ready to go, it’s time to choose your methods of content delivery and payment processing. For most new authors, the best solution is a dedicated, reputable e-commerce platform like An e-commerce platform provides your customers with instant access to the files they’ve purchased, and payment processing through trusted solutions like PayPal and Google Wallet. A simple HTML link allows you to turn your personal website, social networking profiles and blog into sales pages with ease.

Affiliate marketing can help you to expand your promotional reach significantly, so it’s often wise for new authors to choose an e-commerce solution which includes an affiliate network. With the right sales support, great content and a dedication to marketing, you can perfect your ebook, sell it to new readers and start building a valuable fan base.


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