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The Internet market is wide open for everybody to enter and make profits. If you have saleable information, you can make money online with the wide global user base. The exposure is many times that of selling in a store in the conventional way. In addition, you do not need an office, storage room and manual inventory keeping. Labor requirement is low, if any, because selling platforms such as PayLoadz automate almost every task related to online selling. For creative people like authors and musicians, selling online generates the same profit as selling in the conventional way (using hard copies), with a lot less hassle.

A reliable electronic payment system is an indispensable requirement in the online market. PayPal is one of the most popular and reliable payment systems on the Internet. Either you can install PayPal on your own site, or you can market your goods through a selling platform like PayLoadz. PayLoadz allows you to sell through PayPal. Digital download products can be listed for sale on your own site or on PayPal receives the amount from buyers and transfers it to seller accounts. PayPal has many advanced functionalities that make it the leader among payment processors. Still, its charges are on par with other providers.

PayLoadz: A Venue for Your Digital Products

PayLoadz is an ideal platform for sellingwith PayPal. Digital download product files can be hosted on the PayLoadz site. As soon as buyers make payment, they can download the files. This instant gratification increases the likelihood of purchases. You can sell any digital file through PayLoadz—including eBooks, articles, manuals, certificates, music, ringtones, videos, photos and art. However, sellers need to observe copyright rules. With PayLoadz, you do not need to track each download; you also become free of the hassle of sending files to buyers.

Because the PayLoadz cart code is compatible with all types of site servers, you have no constraints on selling anywhere on the Internet.

About PayPal

In 2011, eCommerceBytes selected PayPal as the most popular payment processor with Internet buyers.

Registering for a PayPal account is free, and setting it up to sell your products is simple. PayLoadz integrates smoothly with PayPal. Digital download products can be purchased securely and efficiently when using PayLoadz as your service provider.

PayPal’s website payments service takes care of reports, payments, account support and billing. In addition, it handles orders by fax, phone and email. Buyers in the United States can pay with their bank accounts to avoid using credit and debit cards.

PayPal lets anyone with a credit card or debit card purchase goods; people do not need to have PayPal accounts. PayPal supports all major credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts. PayPal also supports a large number of shopping carts. You have much freedom while selecting your cart. You can sell your digital goods to buyers in more than 190 countries and accept payments in 24 currencies. PayPal’s reliable customer support is available to sellers through phone and virtual assistants. Besides this, the committed account managers strive to ensure that your selling experience goes smoothly.

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