Make Money by Selling Music Online

Sell Music Downloads Online

Without a recording contract and major label support, selling music and promoting your project can seem like an impossible task. Thankfully, there has never been a better time for independent bands and musicians to make their mark without a recording contract than right now. There is a way to make money, expand the reach of your band or solo project and become a success story by tapping into the vast, global market presented by the Internet, selling music in downloadable formats online.

Benefits of Selling Music Online

Despite the explosive popularity of digital music formats, there are still many musicians who sure if selling downloadable tracks online is the best course of action. Before you decide to restrict your sales to physical media like compact discs, consider these benefits of online sales:

  • Selling Individual Tracks – With a compact disc or other physical media, it’s far more economical to record an entire album worth of material. Instead of penning “filler tracks” to pad the length of a recorded project, you can focus on making only your best tracks available online.
  • Keeping Your Audience Interested – Because you’re able to upload new tracks as they’re recorded, you’re also uniquely placed to continually generate interest. Instead of making your fan base wait months or even years for a new full-length release, you can post one or two tracks at a time to maintain a steady buzz.
  • Increasing Your Reach – With physical media, your potential buying pool is restricted to only those who buy your music as merchandise after a live show, or those who happen to find it in a record store. For an indie band or solo act, getting your music into a record store can be a major challenge. When you sell your own music online, you’re able to promote your work to a global audience. With online music sales, you’re presented with the opportunity to potentially reach scores of people who would otherwise never find your work.

Finding a Platform to Sell Music Online

Even knowing all the many advantages of selling your music online, it still isn’t always easy to gain an understanding of online sales methods for musicians. It’s possible to get your music into the iTunes store and other clearinghouses, but there’s also money to be made from self-promotion. Working with a content delivery service like allows you to put your music up for sale easily, and gives your customers the freedom of multiple payment options, instant delivery and increased security. These content delivery services make it easy to link your band’s personal website to the sales page, which means you also don’t have to worry about including shopping cart software, payment processing or delivery options to the site itself.

With the advances in modern technology, it’s easier than ever for an independent musical act to become a successful, profitable venture.


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