Make a Living in Your Pajamas: Sell Digital Downloads

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Working from home and setting your own hours is a dream shared by many, but it can also seem like a highly unrealistic goal. Many people have the talent and skill necessary to build their own home-based businesses, but miss out on this great opportunity because they’re not aware of how easy it can actually be to break into online sales and small, home-based business ownership. The truth is, with a bit of ingenuity and enough determination, you can start earning a living in your pajamas, dropping out of the rat race for good.

Business Essentials for Selling Digital Downloads

Whether you’re a graphic designer, an unsigned musician, an unpublished author or anything in between, there is likely a market for your particular skill set. To get started, the first thing you’ll need is a selection of high-quality, market-ready digital downloads to start selling. When your first batch of products is ready for release, then begins the work of building your empire by implementing your business plan.

Because you can’t make a living if you can’t collect money from each sale, you’ll need to find a system of payment processing which works for your business while providing clients with an assortment of secure choices. This can mean setting up multiple accounts, or working within a more streamlined system. You’ll also need to devise a system for processing and fulfilling orders, which is the most time-sensitive aspect of an online sales business. Today’s buyers expect merchants who sell digital downloads to provide instant access to files immediately after a transaction is completed, so manually monitoring sales alerts can have a negative affect on your brand reputation. To complete the trifecta of essential tools, you’ll also need a system which facilitates marketing and promotions to increase your customer reach.
Some merchants do choose to address each of these requirements individually, but the most efficient and effective system for the vast majority of sellers will be one based around a dedicated ecommerce platform, like, which streamlines several crucial functions for optimal productivity.

How Ecommerce Platforms Help You Sell Downloads

While it goes without saying that ecommerce platforms help you to sell downloads by facilitating sales and processing transactions, their ability to build your business goes far beyond these practicalities. Actually, a reliable and reputable ecommerce platform helps to actively build your business in a number of ways. In addition to the affiliate network access offered by some of the better service platforms, these systems also eliminate hours of manual work each week. For sole proprietors, this can mean the difference between building your product catalog and stagnating because you’re bogged down with administrative details. As an online business owner, your time is worth money; by providing you with more of it, a high-quality ecommerce platform helps you to earn more and expand your business more rapidly.


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