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Is blogging a fad? It doesn’t appear so. According to, one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet, 100,000 new blog posts are generated every DAY through its platform. Those blogs posts are written in 120 different languages.

Some people blog for pleasure, and some blog for business. Why not combine the two? Many bloggers who have been blogging just for fun realize that their hobby can also be a means of earning additional income or, sometimes, a means of earning their livelihood.

Many people have heard about monetizing their blog and earning passive income from having advertising and other affiliate marketing images on their blog site. We’ll touch on that here, but there are other ways to earn income from your love of blogging.

1. Affiliate Marketing – Monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing opportunities is one of the most popular means of creating revenue through a blog. There are endless lists of businesses that offer affiliate programs that offer payment to bloggers who become affiliate sellers with them. is one of the easiest and most common among companies that offer an affiliate marketing program to bloggers who host their products on their site. PayLoadz also offers a reseller affiliate program.
2. Marketing Platform – Instead of, or in addition to, marketing the services and products of others, your blog can become a platform for marketing your own products and services. By building a following and an email marketing list, you create a network of potential customers who would be willing to pay for the information and guidance you might offer. This can be in the form of webinars, eBooks or other digital products that you can promote to a growing list of followers.
3. Ghost Blogger – This can be one of the most profitable means of earning income as a proficient blogger. Almost every business that has a website online also has a blog. However, finding the time to keep that blog current and populated with relevant posts is often low on the priority list or turned over to a marketing agency to handle. These businesses and marketing agencies are always looking for writers for these blog posts. They advertise their needs on sites like, which are frequented by bloggers looking for paying blogging opportunities.
4. Byline Blogger – Ghost blogging isn’t the only way to be paid for writing posts on blogs. Plenty of sites are willing to pay you for blog posts and provide you with a byline. These opportunities are usually tied to your area of expertise. They may be related to travel, business, technology or your professional experience. Having a blog that establishes you as an expert in a particular area makes you more desirable for blogging jobs.

The Internet is full of information regarding how to earn money through blogging. It can be quite overwhelming. For a good starting point, as you begin turning your blog into a business, visit a reputable resource site like that provides information related to different forms of blogging revenue. Check the BloggingPro Job Board for ghost blogging and byline blogger opportunities. Turn that hobby you love into a paying business!

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