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Are you starting an online eBooks business? Whether you write your own books, use a ghost writer or buy other people’s books to sell, you need to have a digital store to list your eBooks for sale. Plus, you need a professional shopping cart, payment processing service and digital delivery for your eBooks. Get everything you need to sell eBooks online by using as your eCommerce service.

How PayLoadz Works

If you are new to selling eBooks, you are probably just working out the details on how to manage your online business. You need a website to list your eBooks for sale, then you also need to accept payment from a reputable source like Paypal and deliver your eBooks to your customers. You also will want to investigate marketing options to get your eBooks out in front of as many people as possible. That is where enrolling with can help. is not just a digital store where you can list your eBooks for sale; it is also a comprehensive eCommerce service that will handle the retail end of your eBook business. PayLoadz offers a full line of services designed to help you manage your online book business. Some of their services include:

  • Unlimited storage and products. Upload as few or as many eBooks as you want onto to the PayLoadz digital store. You can even upload hundreds of books at a time.
  • Secure payment processing. PayLoadz offers secure, international payment processing, whether your customers use credit, debit, ACH, eChecks or their Paypal balance.
  • Automatic delivery. Your eBooks for sale will be automatically delivered to your customers, encrypted to protect your products.
  • Affiliate marketing. PayLoadz offers easy affiliate marketing to help you increase your exposure and sales. Get connected to affiliate partners that will promote your books on their websites.
  • Use with all your digital stores. PayLoadz doesn’t just handle your sales from their digital store; you can link your social media pages, website and other digital stores to your PayLoadz account for secure processing.

With PayLoadz, you get so much more than just a digital store to list your eBooks for sale. You get a full service eCommerce partner that will help you manage and grow your online book business. It is fast and easy to get started, with affordable rates for the small business owner. Go to today to learn more about how you can begin selling your eBooks through their digital store today!

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