Licensing and Permissions: Selling Software Without Developer Experience

Sell Digital Files Online

Independent software developers are using the power of the Internet and the global audience reach it can afford them to release their products to the public and make a profit. Still, developers aren’t the only ones making money from the sale of software on an independent level. There’s a burgeoning industry of marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who are earning money by choosing to legitimately and legally sell software created by indie developers.

Selling Software: Dispelling a Common Myth

One of the most common myths among hopeful online merchants holds that the only people who are earning a legitimate profit through independent online sales are content creators. While a significant portion of sellers do offer products they’ve created themselves, it’s also quite possible to build a business and sell software without any developer experience while remaining well within the bounds of both the law and ethical business practices.

Some talented developers create stellar products, but lack the time or the experience required to properly market their wares. In such cases, it’s not uncommon for these developers to partner with merchants, offering licensing and permissions which allow those merchants to sell software online created by others. Common agreements include a one-time lump sum purchase of exclusive distributing rights, a profits-splitting system in which both parties earn a percentage of the proceeds for each sale, or even a combination of the two.

How to Get Started and Sell Software Online

For developers who don’t plan to handle sales, the primary goal is to create a high-quality program. For marketers and online store owners, however, it’s vital to focus on the building of a strong sales system, creating an effective marketing plan and managing promotional efforts. One of the most valuable and effective tools for handling payment processing while automating content delivery and building a thriving online store is a comprehensive ecommerce platform like, which consolidates the most important features into one dependable system. Ideal platform choices will also include access to valuable marketing tools, like access to an affiliate network and the ability to convert all social media profiles into a sales portal through simple cut-and-paste HTML linking.

Because a strong ecommerce system is designed to streamline daily business operations and sales facilitation, marketers are able to focus on what they do best: marketing. You can focus on generating new sales and boosting brand visibility to make your business a success, rather than building and maintaining a system of sales alerts, payment processing and content hosting. Without any developer experience at all, you can start selling software and earning a tidy profit.


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