Legal Experts and the Online Business: Selling Digital Downloads

Sell Your Documents Online

Breaking into the world of online business and selling digital downloads isn’t restricted to artists, musicians or software developers. In fact, one of the most popularly purchased types of digital products on the Internet today are templates for legal forms. It’s entirely possible for legal professionals to make money by setting up an online marketplace to sell documents and templates, serving a growing need while bolstering revenue.

Why Legal Professionals Should Be Selling Digital Downloads

As an insider in the legal field, you know just how expensive a single consultation or simple service can be for clients. The prohibitive expense associated with legal fees can leave many without the protection they need, and some interests can be easily guarded with a simple legal template. This is where selling digital downloads allows legal professionals to earn money by catering to a chronically under-served demographic without cutting into their bottom line, as clients from around the world make the choice to purchase a stock template to meet their needs.

For instance, one of the most popular products offered by legal experts who sell documents as downloads is a basic form for a last will and testament. While clients with sizable estates are far more likely to visit an attorney for more thorough estate planning, individuals of limited means who are working to protect what they can leave to their families often opt to purchase a template online to create a will themselves. You’ll be able to help these individuals in practical ways, while earning money and building an online business to supplement your earnings.

How to Start Selling Digital Downloads

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for legal professionals who aren’t familiar with online sales is simply figuring out how to best build and operate an Internet-based business. The plethora of options can actually serve to make the process more complicated, as it’s not always easy to know which option is best suited to your needs.

While many new online merchants will choose to have a professional website built, complete with shopping cart and payment processing capabilities, this investment is often a large one and may make it difficult to recoup start-up costs in a timely manner. The vast majority of legal professionals interested in selling digital downloads will benefit more from a turnkey system which covers all of the proverbial bases, like A comprehensive ecommerce solution not only provides content hosting and automated order fulfillment for instant delivery to your clients, but also built-in payment processing and access to a host of valuable seller’s tools. With a strong ecommerce platform, you’re able to turn your social networking profiles, email signatures and any other customizable aspect of your web presence into a sales portal, earning money immediately. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income while providing a valuable service online, choosing to sell documents and legal templates may be your best option.


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