Learning How to Sell Beats on PayPal

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Are you a talented beats composer that is ready to start making money with your music? Start getting paid for what you love through the largest digital payment processor, Paypal. It is a fast, secure way to get paid while you get to sell beats that may be part of the next big hit for an upcoming artist. If music is your passion, learn more on how to sell beats on Paypal and start your own online music business.

Steps to Begin to Sell Beats

First and foremost, before you can learn how to sell beats on Paypal, you need to have beats to sell. Start by recording your beats and saving them as MP3’s to sell online. Once you have a collection of beats, you can market each beat separately or as a collection. In many cases, selling or leasing them individually will be the most lucrative way to make money on your music. Some people choose to sell their beats at higher prices for exclusive rights but you may make more money leasing your beats to many artists at a lower price.

Once you have your beats to sell, you need to get set up to sell online and accept payment through Paypal. If you do not already have a Paypal account, you will need to open an account. The process is fairly simple. You enter in your email account, set up a password and enter in your bank information. Personal Paypal accounts are free; however, there are fees associated with invoicing and receiving certain payments for a business account. Your account can be verified in a matter of a few days after a few small deposits are made into your bank account, after which you are ready to begin selling beats and getting paid through Paypal.

Now that you have your beats and a Paypal account, you need to begin marketing and getting ready to sell beats. However, this is the most intricate step. You need a home page or website to sell your beats to reach artists looking for new music. Plus you will need to set up a shopping cart and a Paypal processing option, along with providing the digital delivery of your beats once they are purchased. Before you get frustrated with the complexity of this step, you need to know how to sell beats on Paypal quickly and easily: eCommerce services.

Companies like PayLoadz.com have made it easy to sell beats on Paypal by doing all the hard work for you. Just sign up for their service for a low monthly fee and they will feature your beats on their digital store, process your Paypal payments and securely deliver your beats to your customers. All you have to do is keep making more beats and collect the payments!

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