Learn to Share! It’s Good (Business) Advice

Make Money From Home

Sharing is one the first social lessons we teach children. If our child has a fun and wonderful toy, we ask that he share the fun with playmates. Sharing snacks is sometimes appropriate (unless it’s gum that’s already being chewed). It’s good for kids to learn to share, and it’s something online entrepreneurs should practice, too.

When we think of sharing online, we often think of social media. In business terms, you may relate online sharing with marketing, but sharing can become a business in itself. Christen Pyle is a Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM) who has turned her love for sharing into an online business through her blog: MunnyfromHome on Blogspot.com.

Pyle found ways to make money from home instead of working a traditional job in the workforce. She decided to share the moneymaking ideas she found with other moms who want to join the WAHM wave of entrepreneurship.

It was easy enough to do in our online world with all the social media sharing tools we have available. She set up a blog on Blogspot.com. (It’s one of the easiest blogging platforms to use and is totally free.) She picked a mom-friendly theme with inviting pastel colors and cute graphics. Then she started sharing posts about the different ways she was finding to make money from home. She shared some of her own ways to make money and good ideas that she ran across.

Pyle’s moneymaking tips aren’t all online opportunities. You’ll find them categorized on a few pages to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. She has a page for Customer Service opportunities, one for Online Moneymakers and another for Top Home Businesses.

So, how does Pyle make money from home? Partly through her blog. She’s monetized the blog to gain income from the traffic she receives. She’s connected her blog with a business Facebook page and makes it easy for others to share her posts through social media. She understands what it takes to draw traffic. Her posts are regular and always contain good take-away value for her readers. That keeps them coming back and increases the likelihood that the posts will be shared—good online marketing strategies.

What do you tend to research online? It doesn’t need to be ways to make money from home. It can be a hobby as simple as reading and sharing book reviews or sharing the resources you find on the Web related to your passion for collecting and restoring antique furniture. If you have an interest in a subject, other people do too.

Once you’ve collected and shared a significant amount of information on your blog, you may want to put it in a PDF eBook and sell your wealth knowledge that way. PayLoadz can help with eBook sales by providing “Buy Now” buttons for your blog and by handling the sales transaction. It will also deliver the downloadable file automatically and securely. What are you waiting for? Learn to share!

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