Learn to Sell Software Without Developer Experience

how to distribute software

Software is a booming business for both independent developers and large corporations, but many online sellers of digital goods are under the mistaken impression that they must be developers in order to earn a share of those profits. The truth is, you can sell software online, even if you have limited to no development experience. By legally obtaining licensing and resale permissions, you can help a developer monetize their efforts while earning a profit of your own in the process.

How Licensing Helps to Sell Software

Just as many experienced marketers lack the capability to design and develop software, so do many developers lack the experience necessary to market their products. For many developers and marketers alike, the best option for increased sales and profits is teaming up to make sales a joint effort. If you have a flair for marketing, you can sell software you didn’t develop by obtaining resale rights.

These mutually beneficial arrangements allow sellers to make a profit from their marketing efforts alone, while helping talented new developers find a market for their products without forcing them to learn the intricacies of marketing and promotion. For developers, making money can be as simple as selling the licensing rights to their programs or working out an arrangement for resale rights with a marketing professional.

Selling Software Online: What Marketers Need to Know

There are two primary ways of making money by selling software you didn’t develop yourself: obtaining licensing rights, or working as an affiliate marketer for a developer. In either scenario, the onus of marketing and promotion will fall solely to the seller. You’ll only make money if you’re able to generate sales, so it’s crucial to take advantage of valuable sales tools and tactics.

To ensure payment processing goes off without a hitch and content is delivered in a timely manner, it’s usually best to work with an e-commerce solution which seamlessly integrates automated content delivery and payment processing, like PayLoadz.com. A great service will also include access to a strong affiliate network, which can help to increase visibility of your products. The best systems also allow linking to a sales page from any website or social media platform via a simple HTML code, which can be easily embedded to direct potential customers to the final sales page.

Selling software online isn’t restricted to big box online retailers and independent developers. With a bit of marketing know-how and the useful tools provided by a stellar e-commerce platform, you can start turning a profit and selling software in no time at all.



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