Learn to Sell Audio Books as a PayPal Instant Download

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For many book lovers with tight schedules, curling up with a new book or their e-reader device isn’t always feasible. Listening to an audio book during their commute or household chores, however, can be a much better option. When you learn to sell audio books, you can take advantage of this market demand while expanding your business, brand reputation and your audience reach.

PayPal Instant Downloads and Audio Books

Today’s consumer, especially those who purchase high volumes of digital content, are accustomed to immediate gratification. This means you’ll need to offer your content as a PayPal instant downloads in order to meet these expectations.

There’s more to a PayPal instant download than just PayPal, however, This online payment processing giant is one of the most recognized and trusted on the web, but they’re not a fully-realized e-commerce platform. For new online merchants who want to sell audio books, an e-commerce solution like PayLoadz.com, which can be fully integrated into PayPal’s payment model, is ideal. An e-commerce platform combines PayPal payment processing with instant content delivery and many merchant tools, each of which can help to boost business.

Sell Audio Books: What You Need to Know

In order to sell audio books as digital downloads, you’ll first need to obtain the files. For self-published authors, this can present a unique opportunity to capitalize on a section of the market whose needs you’re currently not meeting. You hold the rights to your own content, all you need to do is invest in some sound editing equipment and record yourself reading your books, or to hire a voice actor whose trained in this area.

Authors aren’t the only ones who can make money and sell audio books, however. People with a working knowledge of sound editing and a pleasant speaking voice can work with self-published authors in a joint effort to produce their works as audio books. You may also be able to purchase the rights to record and sell audio books directly from an author. Another option is to record classic literature which has fallen into the public domain, which is not a copyright violation.

Marketing and Promotional Efforts Sell Audio Books

Great content is crucial, but great marketing is of equal importance. If you’re a self-published author whose ebooks have enjoyed a healthy sales history, you’ll have a bit of a built-in audience. If you’re recording the work of other authors, you’ll need to not only tap into their audience, but also start marketing your work. In either case, your promotional efforts should be targeted at potential buyers who aren’t reading, not because they don’t want to, but because they have an obstacle preventing them from doing so. This will require a targeted marketing strategy, different from the type used to market books.

With a reliable e-commerce solution and a body of work, you can sell audio books as PayPal instant downloads to build a profitable and rewarding business.


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