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Selling eBook downloads has become big business. Writers no longer have to find a publishing house to print their book and take a large portion of the profits – they can sell their writing as eBook downloads online. If you have written a book or have been considering writing a book, learn how you can create an iBook download and begin making money as a professional writer.                             

Getting Started in the eBook Business

You don’t have to write the great American novel to become an eBook author. Many eBook downloads are short stories or how-to books that offer advice. The great thing about not going through a publisher is that you can write about whatever you want and quickly get it out to the public by selling it online.

If you don’t already have a book written, the first phase of creating your eBook download to sell is writing your book. This is the fun part! You get to put your ideas into your own words, whether it is a mystery novel or a compilation of all your favorite recipes into a fantastic cookbook.

The next phase is putting your document into a template used for eBook downloads. These templates make it easier for your customers to read your eBook on their various digital devices like Kindles, iPads and laptops. Once you have your eBook in a digital download, you need to begin the phase of selling your eBook download online.

Selling eBook Downloads

Once you have your eBook ready to sell, you need to find a way to get it out to the masses. If you are a full-time writer, you may want to invest in creating your own website to sell your eBooks from. However, you will still need to create a payment processing system and a way to digitally deliver your eBook download automatically when it is purchased. The easiest and fastest way to do this is through an eCommerce service.PayLoadz.com

Services like  offer to take care of the business side of selling your eBook download. They offer a payment processing service, digital delivery, a digital storefront and affiliate marketing for your eBook. This is a great way to get started selling your eBook whether you have a website or not. You can link your social media pages and other websites like eBay where you sell your eBook to your eCommerce account, making it simple to start getting paid for your eBook.

It has never been faster or easer to become a paid writer. All you need is your ideas, a computer and internet access and you can get started selling eBook downloads online.

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