Learn How to Sell Books Yourself

Selling Books Online

You’ve finished your novel, but do you know how to sell books without a publisher? In today’s climate, it’s easier than ever to become a self-published success. With so many options and choices, though, it can also be more confusing than ever before. While it’s not necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of how every sales system works, it’s wise to have a working understanding of the most popular choices. Some of the most commonly used systems can be just as restrictive as traditional publishing, with none of the corporate-backed benefits. Before you turn your work over to a proprietary eBook marketplace tied to a popular eReader device, take some time to explore your options. Making an informed decision from the outset of your journey truly can make all the difference.

How to Sell Books without a Publisher

Working with a traditional publisher definitely comes with a number of perks, like seeing physical copies of your work in print and having the power of a corporate marketing team in your corner. However, not all authors will see those perks, even if their work is published by a major player. In exchange for widespread publicity and store availability comes an almost total loss of control. You’ll earn pennies from each sale if you have an exceptional contract, will likely lose at least some creative control to an editor, and may never be able to regain your reprinting rights. You’re far more likely to watch the lion’s share of your earnings go to publishers and agents than to earn a substantial profit yourself. For many new authors, learning how to sell books in digital format is simply a better option.

Working with proprietary marketplaces may offer some visibility and convenience, but you may find yourself with as little control as you’d have in a traditional publishing situation with none of the perks. Managed sales will often require you to maintain exclusive sales relationships with a single marketplace, so your audience is immediately limited. You may also still only collect a fraction of your earnings, and you’ll be responsible for the whole of your marketing. This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform comes into play. Rather than relying upon corporate entities to manage your sales, you’re able to launch and maintain your own web store with ease by relying on systems like PayLoadz.com.

Launching Your Own Web Store: How to Sell Books with Full Independence

Perceived cost is one of the primary reasons why many new authors choose not to launch their own web stores, opting instead to attempt learning how to to sell books through managed systems. The truth is, you don’t need a custom web site built by an expensive professional designer, nor do you need expensive sales management tools. Working with a high-quality eCommerce platform gives you all the benefits of managed sales, with none of the drawbacks. Payments are processed quickly and reliably through names your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files are hosted securely, and automatically delivered to buyers within seconds. You’ll also have access to built-in affiliate networks, which help your reach grow by leaps and bounds without the restrictions of a device content marketplace. Learning how to sell books can be easy and rewarding; all you need is the right tools for the job.

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