Learn How to Sell Books without a Literary Agent

Sell Books Online

To sell books, don’t you need a literary agent and a publishing deal? You might be surprised to learn that more and more authors are finding success by skipping the traditional model altogether in favor of learning how to sell books independently. Making a name for yourself doesn’t have to mean forfeiting all control and most of your profits to corporate interests. With online sales and self-publishing, you can become a successful author with a lucrative career, maintaining complete independence.

Where and How to Sell Books Online

As a self-published author releasing exclusively in digital formats, few things will be more important than choosing where, and how, to sell books online. Many opt to release through major marketplaces tied to proprietary eReader devices, but it may not always be the best choice. These systems offer a great deal of convenience, but also a great deal of restriction.

Publishing directly to an eReader device eBook megastore only allows you to reach owners of a single device. Your audience may also be restricted by global region, and you’ll have to agree to exclusivity clauses to earn the greatest possible share of your profits. This means you’ll never be able to break out of a single audience, and you’ll still be handing over a great deal of control over pricing and sales. High-profit share plans through these eBook mass marketplaces means you can’t run your own promotional pricing, and you can’t make every decision about distribution. For many authors, this is simply not an acceptable trade. Fortunately, systems like PayLoadz.com make it easy to start your own web store, with all the convenience of managed sales.

How to Sell Books with an eCommerce Service Provider

The lure of automatic payment processing, automated order fulfillment and slight marketing assistance can be strong, but it may not be worth all you must sacrifice in order to work within the sphere of managed sales.

A dedicated eCommerce platform gives you all of those perks, along with complete freedom and total control. You can turn a low-cost template website, a free blog site or a social media profile into a sales portal, offering your eBooks to customers around the world. Payments are automatically processed through trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet. Content delivery is completely automated, so you never have to monitor sales alerts in order to manually share a download link. You can even gain access to powerful marketing systems, like affiliate networks, when you choose a high-quality service provider.

Publish your work today, and start earning money tomorrow. With the support of a great eCommerce platform, you have complete independence and control over your career path.

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