Learn How to Sell Books on PayLoadz

How to Sell Books

Do you have a book inside you that is just dying to get out? Or maybe you have a stack of short stories you have written over the years that you want to share with the world. The easiest way to get published in the digital age is creating your own eBook and selling it online through venues like PayLoadz.com. Self-publishing eBooks has made it easy for anyone to become a published author; services like PayLoadz.com make it easy to start making money selling books online. Here is how to sell books online using PayLoadz ecommerce service.

Writing and Formatting eBooks

Obviously to sell books online, you must first create your eBook and put it in digital form for distribution. Writing the book is the easy part for those who love to write. Whether you are creating an informational how-to book or creating a riveting novel, you can use any word processing program like MS Word. There are templates that you can use for creating an eBook that may help, but getting your text into a digital form in the first step. On top of your book content, you’ll want to create a title page, copyright page and a table of contents, all of which are considered the “front matter” of your book.

Once you have your book content saved in digital form, you need to convert it into a format for selling it online. Most eBooks are in PDF format which is easy to download onto eReaders. You do not need to own Adobe software to create a PDF but if you do own the program, you can add additional features to your book. There are services that will convert your Word document into an eBook for you if you are not tech savvy.

How to Sell Books Online

Once you have your book in PDF form, you are ready to begin selling your book online. Most authors get an ISBN for their books that distinguishes their book from others for retail sale. The next step is getting your book uploaded and available for sale through PayLoadz.com.

PayLoadz.com has made it simple and fast for anyone to start selling digital downloads, including books, online. You can sign up for your account through their website. The cost is minimal and even those who have never sold anything online can get started right away. Once your account is set up, you can begin uploading your digital books up onto their website. You can learn how to sell books through the PayLoadz store or your own website. You can also learn how to sell books using PayLoadz affiliate marketing to increase the exposure for your book.

Once your book is in the PayLoadz system, you are free to go back to creating more books to sell online. PayLoadz will take care of the retail aspect, collecting payment, automatically delivering sold books and depositing the revenue in your account. It is as simple and easy as it gets to start your own book business when you use PayLoadz.com as your eCommerce service.

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