Launching Your E-book Download Empire

Sell Books Online

Are you ready to sell your e-book download? Before you start looking for a literary agent or exploring direct publishing options through major e-book retailers, take some time to consider starting your own web store. It’s easier than you think, and the benefits are greater than you may realize. Choosing the right tools and services from launch means you’ll also have all the convenience of mass retailer-managed sales, with none of the drawbacks.

Why Should I Release My Own E-Book Download?

Releasing through a proprietary marketplace can seem like the best choice, especially for authors new to self-publishing. Payment processing is built in to the system, e-book download links are shared automatically and the entire process is managed for you. What many don’t realize is just how much control and money they’re sacrificing in the name of convenience. Most of these e-book download marketplaces require exclusivity agreements and a host of other caveats which limit your business venture’s potential.

For instance, you might choose the option which allows you to earn the greatest percentage of your sales proceeds from each sale, thinking it’s the best way to earn money quickly. Almost always, these options require you to sell your e-books exclusively through their store. You’re immediately limiting your audience, which means you’re also limiting your earning potential. Furthermore, you must also agree to let the retailer set your e-book download price. So, you’re earning a greater share of what will likely be a lower cover price than you’d set for yourself. The prices may fluctuate wildly, and you’re not able to offer promotional discounts to draw in new readers. Fortunately, there is a way to replicate the convenient experience of managed sales without sacrificing control over your career, earning potential and brand.

Starting an E-Book Download Web Store

A lack of startup funding is one of the single most popular reasons for new authors to choose a mass retailer for direct publishing release. Custom websites are expensive, and can be difficult to maintain; not to mention the difficulty of running a digital download store. You need access to trustworthy payment processing, reliable download automation and secure file hosting. With each new system, management becomes more difficult and the cost of launching increases, right?

Actually, this isn’t the case. When you work with a dedicated eCommerce platform, like, you’re able to reap all the benefits of managed sales while staying firmly in the driver’s seat. You also don’t need a substantial startup investment to get your e-book download business off the ground. You can use a free blog site, an inexpensive template website you build yourself, or even a social media profile to get started. Payments are processed through trusted and recognized names, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files are hosted securely, and instantly shared with customers upon purchase. You don’t have to monitor sales alerts and manually share download links, delaying delivery and damaging your reputation for customer service. Choosing a high-quality platform means you’ll also have access to valuable marketing tools, like affiliate networks. Everything you need to get started is built into the system, giving both you and your customers the best possible experience.

Get started today, and find out just how rewarding starting your own e-book download business can be.

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