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Knitting has exploded in popularity since around 2000, both as a craft and in the fashion world. Advanced knitters who are adept at creating their own knitting patterns for sale are turning it into a business. This can generate income while providing knitters with an artistic outlet. Imagine seeing your patterns come to life when you see strangers on the street who have purchased the knitting patterns that you offered online and created them themselves!

How Do I Get Started Offering My Knitting Patterns for Sale?

Make money online with your knitting patterns by establishing a Web presence and researching your payment and content delivery options. Decide how your patterns should be presented to draw the largest audience.

  • Create! – You can’t sell your patterns if you have none, so take time to create a sizable selection of patterns before creating your website, starting your blog or opening any accounts. Make sure that your patterns are unique and that you have a wide enough selection to accommodate various skill levels.
  • Pick Your Format – After you’ve created your patterns, settle on a file format that’s acceptable to most of your customer base. In most cases, a .PDF file is considered ideal for pattern distribution because of the ease of publishing and the ability to preserve a print format. This is, however, your business; choose the format that best suits your needs and those of your customer base.
  • Choose a Content Delivery Method – If insomniac knitters purchase one of the patterns on your blog or website in the middle of the night, they should be able to download it as soon as payment is remitted. By offering your knitting patterns for sale through a content delivery service like, your customers never have to wait to access the patterns they’ve purchased.
  • Promote Yourself and Your Product – Even the greatest, most intricate and beautiful patterns won’t sell if no one knows where to find them, so make promotion and marketing a priority. Establish a Web presence among knitting enthusiasts, start a website, maintain a blog and use social networking to your advantage. Never let an opportunity to market your patterns pass you by. Embed a link to your website in your email signature, for instance.
  • Reap the Rewards! – After creating your patterns, choosing your file format, selecting your delivery method and promoting yourself, you can finally sit back and reap the rewards of all your hard work as you watch your patterns fly off the virtual shelves. Maintaining your stock with new additions periodically keeps your brand fresh and relevant.

Establishing yourself and your customer base takes time, but the global reach of the Internet allows millions of knitting enthusiasts to find and fall in love with your work. Because there’s no need to ship physical knitting patterns, someone on the other side of the globe could be knitting one of your creations within moments of buying it! 

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