Keep Your Fanbase Connected: Sell Apps

Digital Goods

Finding ways to keep your fanbase connected and plugged into your business isn’t always easy, especially for small business owners who independently operate Internet based storefronts. Fortunately, there’s one small but mighty option which you can use to keep your audience in the loop and invested in your efforts: selling smartphone apps. Today’s online buyer is connected to the world not only through their computers; in fact, a well-executed app can help you to be an even larger presence in your customers’ lives due to the heavy use of most smartphone users.

How Selling Smartphone Apps Can Build Your Business

You already know how popular and ubiquitous the smartphone can be, but you may not know just how much of a positive effect choosing to sell apps can have on your particular business. There are a wide range of possibilities for customer interaction and encouraging new sales for merchants who sell apps, even with the abundance of free app options on the market. The key is learning how your particular audience can benefit from a targeted app, and how to take advantage of an app’s power for optimal results.

Free apps typically generate revenue through sponsored advertising from other goods and service providers, or through in-app purchases. Creators and sellers of paid apps will have to offer a high-quality and useful service to justify even a relatively small retail price in a sea of free app competitors, but this doesn’t mean that a paid app can only generate revenue directly through sales. With the right execution, selling apps can help you to also sell other products in your online store.

Software merchants may want to consider offering a smaller version of their products with fewer features at a bargain price for a smartphone version of relevant products. Ebook merchants can facilitate more sales by creating an app which organizes or syncs ebooks. The possibilities are almost endless, and as long as you’re selling apps which raise the visibility of your products or drive traffic to your online store, those possibilities may also be quite lucrative.

How to Start Selling Apps

Sellers of digital goods who are interested in also selling smartphone apps are faced with two options: placement in a proprietary app marketplace, or selling apps through their own online stores without major marketplace support. While the latter option will require a bit more work, it will also leave you with more freedom and a greater share of your profits. You’ll just have to spend more time on marketing, since you won’t have the exposure offered by the iTunes store or Android marketplace.

Independently selling apps, along with your other digital products, will require a sound ecommerce solution like, which optimizes sales by providing secure content hosting and automated delivery for instant access, along with payment processing through trusted vendors. With a great business plan and the support of a strong ecommerce solution, you can start selling apps and making money, all while driving additional traffic to the rest of your digital products.


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