Jumpstart Your Musical Career: Sell Beats Online

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Turn on the radio, and tune into any pop, R&B or hip hop station; what do you hear? Most of the time, you’ll hear today’s hottest vocal stars lending their voices to premade instrumental tracks, also known as beats. The beat is the backbone of any song in a number of genres, and someone has to create those beats. If you’re looking for a way to get your musical career off the ground, deciding to sell beats might just be the best career move you could make.

How to Sell Beats with a Minimal Startup Investment

Too many talented musicians fail to realize their goals of earning money by selling beats because they fall into the trap of believing they need a substantial start-up investment to fund the creation of an expensive website and a large marketing budget. The truth is, you can get started selling beats today, with almost no startup investment required. You don’t need an expensive website capable of processing your transactions; in fact, they can be a liability because these sites need constant maintenance and attention. With some ingenuity and a willingness to self-promote, you can even start an aggressive marketing campaign with minimal funding.

Start a blog on a free blogging site, and establish a social media presence. This will act as your sales hub and your means of primary promotion. Then, choose a high-quality ecommerce platform to manage payment processing, secure content hosting, automated download delivery and access to valuable seller tools. Services like PayLoadz.com combine all of these vital tools with an affiliate marketing network, which means you’re able to access highly effective marketing from the day you launch your store. You’ll never have to spend valuable time maintaining a temperamental website or complex system, because your ecommerce platform does all the work for you.

Why You Should Be Selling Beats

As a musician, you’re uniquely positioned to provide a service many vocalists need and can’t provide for themselves. Some of the most talented singers and rappers rely upon backing tracks made by others, which leaves you able to cash in on this need with ease. Make sure there are previews of your tracks available, so your potential customers have a chance to be blown away by your work. Offer competitive pricing schemes until you establish a name for yourself, then start increasing rates accordingly. With the right marketing plan, a dedication to quality and the determination to make your business succeed, you can sell beats and build your career easier than you ever dreamed.

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