It Is Easy to Sell Your Books Online

How To Sell Books

Are you a budding writer that is waiting to share your words with the world? Wait no longer. It is easy to sell your books online if you have a little help. There is no reason to send your manuscripts to dozens of publishing houses to wait for one to buy your work. You can create eBooks on your own and start making money right away selling them online.

Creating eBooks

Digital downloads are quickly replacing printed books in popularity. With downloads you can have access to all your favorite books wherever you are, right on your tablet. Why go through the stress and expense of printing your book when you can quickly create an eBook for next to nothing?

If your books are already saved on a word processing program like Word, you can easily convert your book into a download format that can be sold online. Most eBooks are in PDF format which can be created on most computers, even if you don’t own Adobe Acrobat software. Most eBooks are created using the standard format, unless they have excessive images. You can use your word processing program to format your book into an easily readable book from most eReaders. Some tips to format your book include:

  • Most pages should be formatted around 5.5” x 8.5”, which is a typical page size for eReaders.
  • Include ‘front matter’ on your book, including a title, copyright, acknowledgement and index page.
  • Use common fonts like Times or Times New Roman.
  • Illustrations make the file larger, which is a consideration for your customers. Don’t include more images than needed.

How to Sell Your Books Online

Once your books are in a digital download format, you may want to get an ISBN for your books, but it is not required. Many distributers do not require an ISBN. If you sell your books through your own website, social media pages or an eCommerce site, you don’t necessarily need an ISBN. But you do need a plan for marketing, payment processing and digital delivery of your books.

The fastest and easiest way to sell your books online is subscribing to a digital download eCommerce service like You can leave all the stress of setting up a payment processing system and automatic digital delivery system to them. They will handle the day-to-day sales operation, collecting payments and securely delivering your books to customers. They can also help you expand your reach by offering affiliate marketing to get larger exposure and more sales for your books. In no time at all and with little to no online business experience, you can sell your books and start earning money online.

If you are ready to make the leap from novice writer to professional author, enlist the help of an eCommerce service. It will help you sell your books online, quickly and easily.

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