Interested in Selling Digital Items on EBay?

Selling Digital items on eBay

Many people who think of auctioning or putting up items to sell online consider tangible goods, such as the stuff from the attic or their great grandmother’s estate. How about selling digital items on eBay? You won’t need to worry about postage or handling, and you won’t need to make trips to the post office. One of the best features about selling digital goods is that you can sell intellectual property like eBooks more than once.

In the past, selling digital items on eBay was difficult. Stringent guidelines kept some people from trying. EBay, by changing some of its guidelines, made the sale of digital items easier. It’s now easier for sellers to market their intellectual properties.

EBay provides a checklist of the new guidelines to make sure users are in compliance. For those who are diligent in playing by the rules, this can open a passive cash flow. If you don’t follow the guidelines, your listing could be terminated, or you could be restricted on your ability to buy or sell on the site.

Make sure the item you will sell is yours. You need to create it yourself and own the rights to it. This goes for music, eBooks, videos or whatever other intellectual property you will market. If you vend someone else’s work, ensure that you have the proper permission to sell it. Authorization comes from the owner of the work, the owner’s authorized agent or the law.

Some items might be restricted from sales. A racy novel that would be suitable at an adult bookstore probably can’t be sold on eBay. Neither can pictures that would cause a future Miss America to lose her crown. If it’s suitable for Playboy, it’s probably not suitable for eBay.

Marketing your original work on eBay can get your talent seen or heard by others. It doesn’t cost much to get started, and several guides are available to coach you regarding setting up your listing. Companies like are available to help you set up your shopping cart for payments. Once you have your listing in order, let people know that your work is available. If you have a good product, word of mouth should get the ball rolling.

Don’t expect to make a million dollars by selling digital items on eBay. But if you’re exceptionally talented, it could happen. If you are like most people, it may take a while for you to see good returns. Don’t despair; good things are worth the wait.

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