Integrating an E-Commerce Solution into Your Personal Website

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Building a financially successful online business venture requires entrepreneurs to take advantage of a variety of potential sales platforms. From social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to a blog post, any opportunity to share a sales link is one which should always be taken. While all of these tools are important, a personal website with a memorable URL can be one of the most powerful weapons in your online sales arsenal. Learning how your personal website can work for you, and how to successfully integrate an e-Commerce solution into your site, can mean the difference between failure and overwhelming success.

Why is a Personal Website Important?

Any business with multiple sales outlets needs a central hub of operations. For brick-and-mortar retailers with chain operations, there’s the corporate home office. For online retailers, each of your promotional targets is the equivalent of a single store in a large chain. Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your direct sales page, auction site profiles and affiliate marketers can all drive traffic back to your central base of operations: your personal website. When the website in question has a URL which is easily remembered, existing clients also know exactly where to go when they’re ready to buy new products from you.

To make sure your personal website is reaching its full sales potential, you have two choices. The first requires third-party shopping cart software, as well as an authorized method of securely processing payments. Once you’ve processed payments, you’ll also need to monitor your sales alerts constantly in order to manually send out download links for the digital products your customers have purchased. Missed alerts will cause a long delay for clients to obtain their rightfully purchased goods, and can have a negative affect on your overall brand reputation.

The second option is to work with a comprehensive e-Commerce solution like These services combine payment processing, content delivery and many other exciting features for an all-in-one sales solution.

E-Commerce Integration

Streamlined and efficient content delivery services make integration with your personal website a breeze. You’ll be supplied with an HTML code for placement on your personal website’s sales page, along with social media pages and blog posts. These links will direct your customers to your virtual storefront, eliminating the need for separate shopping cart, payment processing and content delivery tools. With simple copy-and-paste techniques, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your e-Commerce platform into not only your personal website, but also everywhere else you do business online.


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