Independently Sell Books: Publish Online

How To Sell Books

Are you waiting for a literary agent and publishing house to make your dreams come true? As an author in the digital age, you have far more options than those who went before you. There’s no reason, in today’s market, to settle for a tiny fraction of the proceeds from your sales while handing over creative control and reprinting rights to corporate interests. Thanks to the popularity of eReader devices and smartphones, you’re perfectly positioned to format your books, publish them digitally and sell them online with full independence. Before you release your work, though, it’s wise to carefully weigh all your options. Some independent online publishing options might not be so independent, leaving you with many of the same drawbacks associated with traditional systems.

Format Books, Publish Yourself and Cut Out the Middleman

As an independent author, you don’t want a corporate middle man dictating your pricing structure, promotions or marketing campaigns. Many new authors use proprietary eBook marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices to release their books, publish their work and build their brand. What they may not realize is just how much control they’re required to surrender in order to use these managed sales systems.

Plans which allow you to collect the highest percentage of your earnings will almost always require you to adhere to exclusivity agreements, meaning you cannot sell your work through any other avenues. You’re locked into the audience base available through a single outlet, which immediately limits your sales potential. These plans also allow you to collect more of your earnings, but you’re not able to set your own prices. This means you may be collecting up to ninety percent of a sale price which is dramatically lower than you’d choose yourself, and you won’t be able to run your own promotions. You’re at the mercy of your chosen marketplace.

The best and most effective option for the vast majority of new authors is to launch a wholly independent web store. It’s not as difficult, or as expensive, as you might imagine. You just need the right support system in place.

Build a Business on Your Books: Publish the Right Way

Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform like means you’re able to launch your business with ease, no matter the size of your budget. With little to no real startup capital, you’re able to build the kind of system your business needs in order to succeed.

By seamlessly integrating trusted names like Google Wallet and PayPal, a high-end eCommerce platform eliminates the need for manual payment processing. You’re also able to skip the expensive custom website in favor of free blog sites, inexpensive template sites or even a social networking presence. Secure file hosting protects your books; publish in a number of formats, and your files will be shared with customers immediately upon purchase. Affiliate network makes marketing easy, risk-free and inexpensive. There’s no reason to wait. Your success as an independent author is just around the corner.

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