Independently Listing eBooks for Sale

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The idea of tackling the publishing industry on an independent level may seem daunting, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. When you independently list your eBooks for sale through the right channels, you have the potential to reach audiences from all corners of the globe. All you need is to have the right systems in place, and you’re ready to start your journey as a truly independent author sooner than you ever thought possible.

Where to List eBooks for Sale

As a self-published author, you’ll want to make sure readers can find your eBooks for sale through a variety of outlets. Even the most popular proprietary eReader devices and connected marketplaces give you access to only a portion of your potential audience, so it’s often wise to diversify your offerings. This is where it’s wise to pay close attention to the requirements and stipulations attached to mass eBook marketplace sales systems. For instance, packages which net you the largest possible share of your profits through big eBook retailers will often include exclusivity arrangements which prevent you from releasing your eBooks for sale through other avenues. In such cases, taking a smaller cut of the proceeds in exchange for retaining full control over how and where you sell your work is often a smart move. Another is to run your own independent web store in addition to listing your work through these retail giants.

How to Launch and Maintain an Independent Web Store

As an author, you want to focus on what you do best: writing. No one wants to spend all their time tweaking an expensive website or struggling with complex sales tools. This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform like truly shines. You can turn anything from a free blog site to a high-end custom site or even a social media page into a sales portal by simply cutting and pasting the appropriate HTML code.

Your eBooks are hosted securely until a customer makes a purchase, upon which point payments are processed automatically by systems you already know and trust while the files are being instantly delivered. From the moment a customer discovers your store until they complete a purchase, your intervention is never required. Your eCommerce platform does all the work for you at a price you can afford, even on a tiny budget. Built-in marketing tools help you reach new audiences without risking money on prepaid ads with no guarantees, and you’re free to spend your time where it matters: creating new content.

Getting started is easy; when you’re ready to make a name for yourself as an independent author, starting your own web store in conjunction with mass retailer listings may be the key to success.

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