Independent Developers: Sell Software as Niche Products for Success

niche product marketing

As an independent software developer, you’re uniquely positioned for success in the world of online sales. This success, of course, depends largely upon your ability to meet the needs of an under-served audience or improve upon existing offerings for that audience. Rather than competing with major developers for a slice of mainstream revenue, consider all the ways catering to a smaller, more dedicated audience can help you sell software more successfully.

Why Selling Software to Niche Audiences Can Be More Lucrative

There are hundreds of big-budget programs on the market designed specifically to cater to the widest possible audience. These programs aren’t created to be a perfect fit for smaller audiences; selling software on a corporate scale is all about scope. For independent developers, this means there’s a significant number of hobby, niche and specialized groups who are left with programs which don’t quite meet their needs and aren’t an ideal fit, but are the only available options.

The cost of developing, marketing and distributing an independent program are substantially lower than those faced by major corporations, who must cut corners and boost appeal in order to turn a profit on expensive programs. Indie developers, who are free to tailor a program exactly to the needs of a niche audience because they can still turn a profit by selling software and catering to a smaller, more dedicated audience, can use the corporate system to their advantage.

Independent Software Sales: What You Need

You know you need great programs targeted directly at your audience, but do you know what you need in order to get your business itself off the ground? Too many indie software ventures fall flat before the first product release due to fundamental misunderstandings related to sales, marketing and order fulfillment.

You don’t need a high-powered, custom-built website capable of processing all of your orders, securely hosting your files and fulfilling transactions. What you do need is access to a system which provides file hosting, payment processing through trusted, secure sources and the ability to automate content delivery in order to get your programs into the hands of purchasers immediately. These vital needs, along with host of valuable merchant tools, can all be met through a single comprehensive ecommerce platform service provider like

With the right tools and services, you can start selling software as a niche venture with great success and limited overhead costs. Don’t let the opportunity to build your business pass you by; start working on smaller programs for a more dedicated demographic today.


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