Increasing Revenue Through Upselling and Special Features

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Every sale is a victory, but what if there was a way you could increase your revenue by encouraging additional sales at the point of purchase? With the right upselling techniques and by offering relevant special features, you can do just that. By facilitating the growth of even a small percentage of planned sales, you will see a noticeable difference in terms of increasing revenue and growing financial success.

How Does Upselling Work?

When a customer chooses to purchase a product, and are then suggested to purchase a relevant add-on before finalizing their sale, this technique is known as “upselling.” Notable examples include the Amazon sales method of showing customers what other people who purchased a particular item also bought to accompany the product. For instance, a buyer whose purchase consists of stock photos may be tempted to buy a multi-pack of images at a discounted price when it’s offered just before checkout. Customers who purchase the first ebook in a fiction series are more likely to go ahead and buy the second title when it’s offered at a reasonable price. Upselling and offering special features is a reliable and effective method of increasing revenue,

Ways to Implement Upselling and Special Features Offers

For online merchants who have built their own website, integrated shopping cart software and manually process purchases, offering special features and upselling related goods can present a challenge. Pop-up ads may be effective in a small percentage of situations, but many of today’s Internet users actively use aggressive pop-up blockers to prevent these nuisances.

One of the best and most effective ways of implementing a sales strategy which includes upselling and special features offers is to work with a reputable e-Commerce platform like These services optimize your business operations through automated product delivery, easy payment processing and powerful shopping cart programs which include built-in upselling features. Without lifting a finger, you can promote your other products and encourage those lucrative impulse purchases every time you make a sale.

Taking every opportunity to maximize your sales potential is essential for those hoping to gain real, long-term success as an online seller of digital goods. Supplementing a strong marketing plan, great promotional offers and a stellar reputation for customer service with proven upselling techniques can take your burgeoning business to the next level, helping you to achieve true financial independence through the sale of your own products to customers around the world.


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