Increase Your Product Catalog: Sell Digital Goods

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Digital goods are a hot commodity right now, but merchants who sell downloads exclusively aren’t the only ones turning a profit. Merchants who maintain retail operations specializing largely in prhysical goods can also get in on the action, whether they run brick and mortar stores or sell their products online.

How Digital Goods Boost Profit Margins

Selling physical goods can be lucrative, but doing so comes with a fair number of related expenses. Each product sold is one which must be replaced, and every item in your catalog must be stored until the moment of sale, then processed and shipped. This means maintaining not only warehouse or retail storefront space, but also creates the need for staffing and operating expenses related to replenishing stock and maintaining your premises.

Digital goods can make an ideal addition to your product catalog, as they don’t require physical storage space and never need to be replaced. The same digital file can be resold an infinite number of times, provided it’s hosted securely. You don’t have to pay for shipping costs when orders are fulfilled, and processing a sale is the work of a moment when you have the right systems in place. Merchants who sell downloads may also see an uptick in sales across the board, as customers who discover your business in search of digital goods are likely to browse your other offerings as well. Increasing your number of available products doesn’t have to involve a substantial investment in new merchandise; with digital goods, you have access to a low-cost, potentially high-profit product.

Tools You Need to Sell Digital Goods

You don’t need a fully functioning sales website capable of processing digital orders to start offering digital goods to your customers. With an ecommerce platform like, in fact, adding a download sales page can be as simple as copying and pasting a single HTML code into your existing site to serve as a sales portal. Your ecommerce platform will provide not only secure hosting, but also safe payment processing through trusted avenues like Google Wallet and PayPal, along with automated content delivery. This means you won’t even have to monitor sales alerts in order to ensure prompt order fulfillment, Your customers are able to submit payment, obtain instant access to their digital goods and enjoy a great customer service experience to which your brand name is attached.

Increasing your offerings and the scope of your potential audience can help to drive more sales, bolster your bottom line and boost recognition for your brand, all with relatively low start-up costs. Explore the ways choosing to sell downloads can benefit your business, and consider the ease of implementation to determine just how much impact digital sales can have on your brand.

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