Increase Your Ebook Sales: Sell Audio Books

How to Sell Books

Not so long ago, audio books were sold exclusively via physical media, often in bulky packaging to accommodate several compact discs’ worth of material. With the advent of personal MP3 players and. later, smartphones capable of playing MP3 files, audio books have become more fashionable than ever. These devices have revolutionized the audio books industry, much as dedicated ereader devices have created a booming ebook industry. Self-publishing and selling ebooks is easier than ever, but boosting sales can be a continuing problem for many independent content creators. Unfortunately, far too many self-published authors overlook one potentially lucrative revenue stream: choosing to sell audio books as companions to ebook files.

How Choosing to Sell Audio Books Can Boost Your Sales

There are a host of reasons why many bookworms are also devoted to audio books as a format. They can be enjoyed during long commutes or while completing household tasks, something that’s difficult or downright dangerous to do when tasks require both hands and eyes on the road. Also, processing or learning disorders like dyslexia can make reading difficult, but don’t necessarily diminish the love of a great story. If you’re selling ebooks which you’ve independently self-published, or are planning to do so, it may be a profitable move to include audio books in your sales catalog.

By bundling ebooks and audio books into one purchase, you’re able to charge a slightly higher price for the combined package than you would for an individual product. Busy bookworms may naturally gravitate towards audio books if they’re available, also choosing later to purchase ebooks for a seamless reading/listening experience. While syncing across devices may not be possible, you can structure your audio books and ebooks in a manner which supports multi-platform enjoyment, simply by formatting them into chapters which can be individually selected.

Inclusion of both audio books and ebooks can help your marketplace to perform better overall, lending a more polished and professional air to your store. Creating this perception will, of course, be contingent upon your ability to create a functional, efficient web store.

The Key to Selling Ebooks and Audio Books Successfully

It’s vital to offer high-quality products in your online store, but it’s also important to build a reliable marketplace which inspires trust in your prospective customers. This can be most easily achieved by offering instant download access and payment processing through reputable services. This is where comprehensive ecommerce platforms like shine. These services allow you to integrate payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, along with automated download delivery and a professional marketplace listing. You’ll also have access to valuable seller tools which help to increase your marketing reach and promotional power.

Don’t overlook the power of audio books when you start your self-publishing empire, and make sure you’re using services which streamline your daily operations and add to your overall brand reputation. With great products and a great web store, you may be surprised by just how lucrative choosing to sell audio books and ebooks can be.


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