Improve Security and Sell Digital Downloads

Shopping Cart For Selling Downloads

Online sales of digital downloads is no longer a rarity, and most Internet users have purchased products from a merchant selling downloads on a fairly regular basis. Still, despite the established practice of buying and selling downloads, it can sometimes be a risky proposition. As the number of identity theft crimes continues to rise, online merchants aren’t only charged with the responsibility to improve security for their clients; they may also be able to realize more robust sales and greater popularity by fostering a sense of security and peace among prospective clients. Learn how you can improve security for your clients, and you may find yourself selling more products than ever before.

How Customer Security Affects Your Ability to Sell Downloads

Every time a customer purchases digital downloads from your online store, they’re displaying a certain level of trust in your ability to protect their sensitive financial information. Unfortunately, you may not be able to live up to that trust if you’re not taking advantage of the best and most effective seller tools. If you’re accepting credit card numbers directly for manual processing, you may be exposing your clients to more danger than you realize. In fact, this danger was the impetus behind the development of the most trusted payment processing programs, PayPal and Google Wallet.

By using a system which includes payment processing through PayPal, Google Wallet and other reputable programs, you’re able to protect your customers’ financial information from exposure, even to yourself. Your customers aren’t expected to run the risk of compromising this sensitive information every time they make a purchase from your store, and you’re not tasked with the chore of processing, then protecting, credit card numbers. Prospective customers will feel more secure and confident in their choice to do business with you, spurring more sales and better feedback.

How to Safely Process Payments When Selling Downloads

You already know how valuable a trusted system can be when it comes to payment processing; what you may not know is just how much more security, convenience and confidence can be added to your buyers’ experiences when you work within a streamlined system like Not only is financial information protected through trusted, recognizable sources; your customers obtain instant download access to the files they’ve purchased and you’ll have access to a valuable affiliate marketing network which helps you continue to expand your reach. By bolstering the security of your business model, you can increase your sales of digital downloads while doing your ethical duty to help guard the financial information of your customers.


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