If You Don’t Sell Audio Books, You May Be Losing Money

Sell MP3s On Your Website

Are you a proud author of a book? Congratulations! It is quite an endeavor to write any book, whether it is a small eBook or a lengthy novel. The hard part is over so now you can sit back and wait for those big checks to come in as people buy your book. But if you’re not selling audio books, you could be losing money and missing an entire audience that may buy your book.

Why Sell Audio Books?

It doesn’t matter how great your book is, there are some people that will never read it, even if it is something they would enjoy. Why? Simple – some people don’t like read or just don’t have the time. Life is crazy and hectic for most people, which is why the audio book is so popular. Multi-tasking is a way of life for the busy professional or parent, so the only way to enjoy a great book is when you are also doing something else.

Audio books are great for passing time while stuck in traffic, jogging on the tread mill or while waiting for the kids to get done with soccer practice. They are practical, digitally transportable and affordable. So if your book is only available on paper or as digital text copy, you are missing an entire audience that could be spending money on your book.

How to Start Selling Audio Books

Since you already have the words, to sell audio books you just need to record them and market your digital recording. Of course, the marketing aspect can be daunting when you are new to selling online. The good news is that there are services in place to help making selling audio books a breeze, certainly much easier than it was writing your book.

To get that extra audio book sales money, you need somewhere online to give your book exposure and a convenient sales point. Even if you have your own website, you want your audio book to be available to the masses. A great way to achieve this is through an eCommerce service. Quality services like PayLoadz.com give you a sales page on their site and provide the digital delivery and payment collection right from their site. People from all over the world can buy your audio book at any time of day, getting instant access while you get paid.

One of the benefits of using an eCommerce service is that it can be used on its own or in correlation with your other online marketing. You can use it to sell your digital book through your website or social media pages, or you can use it as your only sales page. It takes almost no time or energy on your part once you begin selling audio books, giving you more time to work on your next book.

Don’t miss out on making more money from your writing efforts. Investigate how to make and sell audio books online for a larger profit on your book.

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