If You Are Selling Crafts, Sell Patterns Too

Selling Crafts

Selling handmade crafts has become a great way to earn extra money. People love to buy items that are unique with a creative flare. But if you are only selling crafts, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make even more money, with less time and overhead needed. Selling craft patterns and instructional books or videos online as digital downloads is a great way to expand your craft business.

Selling Crafts Digitally

Of course it is impossible to digitally deliver a beautiful handmade centerpiece or to download an afghan, but you can sell the patterns or instructions to make these crafts through digital downloads. While many people want to buy your crafts that are already made, there are many others that would like to make them on their own. The great thing about selling craft instructions or patterns as digital downloads is that you only have to create one and then it can be sold over and over again for higher profits.

Consider the time and cost that goes into creating and selling crafts. A $20 retail item may cost $5 in supplies, take an hour to make and then you must spend time to market and sell the product. When you create a digital download of a pattern in a PDF or write an eBook on how to make great handmade Christmas ornaments, there are virtually no costs, only your time. Then those products can be sold hundreds, even thousands of times, over the internet. Even if you only sell them for a few dollars each, your profit margin is much higher and there is not the time commitment needed to make new products.

Adding Digital Downloads to Your Craft Business

Are you afraid you don’t have the tech knowledge needed for selling crafts in digital form? Never fear, there are eCommerce services that can take care of the technical part of selling digital products online. All you need to do is create your eBook, how-to video or digital pattern and then sign up for one of these services to take care of the rest.

Services like PayLoadz.com will let you upload your digital craft products up onto their digital store so you can begin selling crafts online. As part of their service, they will process payments from your customers and securely deliver your digital downloads to your customers. You can even sell your products from your own website, social media page or on eBay and use this service to complete the transaction. It is a fast and simple way to start earning money online selling your craft patterns and instructional media.

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