How Will you Deliver E-Book Download Products?


Do you know how to get your e-book download products into the hands of your customers? As a self-published author, your brand reputation is everything; a single delayed or missed download delivery can have a substantial negative impact. You need a system you can rely on in order to help boost your visibility and reputation as an author. There are a number of options available to you, some more expensive and complicated than others. Before you make a selection, it’s important to understand how each system works so you can make an informed choice.

Popular E-Book Download Delivery Options

Proprietary e-book download markets, like the Amazon Kindle store, are among the most popular choices for authors new to self-publishing. While these systems do offer a wide audience and ease of management, there are some trade-offs associated with proprietary sales. First, your audience is immediately limited to users of a single device product line. While this is a large selection of possible buyers, it’s still only a portion of your potential audience. The convenience of outsourcing payment processing and e-book download delivery also comes with binding exclusivity agreements in many cases. In order to earn the greatest share of profits generated by the sale of your products, you’ll likely be forced to sell your work exclusively through this single marketplace. Some plans also require you to surrender control over pricing and promotions.

Because these are the most well-known options, many new authors don’t realize how easy it can be to access all the convenience of a proprietary marketplace without surrendering any of the control. Running your own web store allows you to control pricing, keep more of your earnings and establish a wide-reaching brand.

Starting Your Own E-Book Download Business

You don’t need a custom website built by a professional in order to run a successful web store. In fact, these systems can be complicated to maintain and expensive to establish.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like allow you to access all the convenience of a proprietary marketplace without surrendering control over your products. Automated content delivery ensures the crucial e-book download delivery your business needs to thrive. Payment processing through trusted and reliable names like PayPal and Google Wallet gives your customers the peace of mind they need to complete a transaction. Your content is securely hosted, and listed in a central marketplace to draw in browsing buyers. With simple cut-and-paste HTML linking, you can turn any free blog site or social media profile into a sales portal. Managing your e-book download business is easier than ever. Get started today, and start building your career as a successful author.

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