How to Start Selling Pictures

selling pictures online

You have the drive to succeed and a goal of selling pictures online, but how do you make those dreams come true? Don’t settle for a fraction of your earning potential by working with microstock sites. Don’t overextend yourself financially with a large startup investment which makes it difficult to reach profitability, either. Finding the best system to sell your photos means holding on to your independence while also keeping costs low. Fortunately, the most efficient systems are also the least expensive and give you the most control.

Selling Pictures the Easy Way

Minimizing the amount of time you spend establishing and maintaining your own web store allows you more time to focus on what really matters: creating new content and marketing your brand. Ideally, you’ll automate as much as possible while taking advantage of inexpensive, high-value tools and services. Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform like allows you to not only streamline your business, but also save money while staying firmly in the driver’s seat.

Payments are processed through names both you and your customers trust, like Google Wallet and PayPal. Your files are securely hosted, and automated content delivery means your customers never wait for you to manually share a download link. Because high-quality eCommerce platforms can be seamlessly integrated into a social media profile, a free blog site or an inexpensive template site, you don’t have to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a professional website. You save money, boost your bottom line and keep more of your earnings. Even better, you’ll also have access to marketing and promotional tools which help you exponentially increase the scope of your reach.

How Affiliate Marketing Makes Selling Pictures Easier

You’re ready to take the world by storm with your digital photos, but how do you reach buyers around the world? The scope of your own organic reach is inherently limited, which is why marketing is such a vital part of any business. Unfortunately, prepaid marketing is expensive and quite risky. You’ll invest in your sponsored social media posts or banner ads up front, with the hopes that your target audience won’t simply scroll right past them. This means you’re essentially gambling with your marketing funds. What if there were a better way?

Choosing a quality eCommerce platform grants you access to more than just sales tools and transaction management. You’ll also be able to take advantage of invaluable marketing tools, like affiliate network access, which help you boost your brand signal. Affiliate marketing connects you with people eager to promote your brand for a small portion of the proceeds from each sale they generate directly. You only pay for marketing when it works, so there’s no risk. Selling pictures has never been so easy!

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