How to Start Digital Download E-commerce

Digital Download E-commerce

Learn to start a digital download e-commerce site, which digital services are available to you, and how to get your site up and running. When it comes to digital download products, you want a service that takes care of all your needs. A variety of services are out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re alike. Consider all the benefits offered through the digital service.

Digital Download with Secure Digital Goods Delivery

Consumers want to know that your website uses a secure method for digital download delivery. When you use a service like PayLoadz, you have secure file storage. The file storage is on the PayLoadz server, which is protected by its security. When you use a company server built by professionals, experts who have studied nothing but security measures are often on staff. You are still the publisher of the digital download you sell, and you can be a distributor of the product using files you access through a digital service company. The files you send can be zip files, audio files, movie files, word documents, PDF files and eBook formats. Any of the most popular formats can be sold through certain services. PayLoadz, for example, stores the Excel spreadsheet information you download through its bulk import service.

Getting Started with Digital Download E-commerce

After you get the platform service you want, set up the account. Create a login with your administrative password. Use the benefits that the digital download service offers. You’ll be asked whether you want to import files from your own website or whether you want to set up your website through the services provided. If you have a website, it might be time to transfer your files with bulk import.

Selecting the Customization for Your Digital Shopping Cart

You need a shopping cart anytime you have an e-commerce business. The digital download e-commerce service provided to you comes with a shopping cart feature. You can customize certain areas on the shopping cart. For example, choose what type of payments you want to receive, such as credit cards, debit cards, ACH transfers, e-checks or PayPal. You can also choose discount and coupon options if you want to offer them to your customers when they purchase digital download products from you.

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