How to Start a Digital Download Website

Digital Download Website

Starting an e-commerce business with digital download services

Digital goods have been selling quite well as more and more consumers want an easy and cheap way to get products. The digital download market can be lucrative for sellers. If you want to start a digital download website, find the right digital download service. A company like provides you with tools, resources and the storefront you need to get your company up and running to sell any type of digital download item.

Finding Products to Sell on Your Digital Download Website

You can sell a variety of digital media files. There are eBooks, music, movies, apps, photographs, clip art, software and game software. You can sell one of these types of digital media on your site, or you could sell them all. Usually books, movies and music go together. At least, this is what bookstores like Barnes & Noble have figured out. Barnes & Noble also sells games, so why not make your digital download website a place for game software, too? Have at least a different page, if not a different site, for each type of item you sell. You can market your products better that way, and you can target for SEO purposes. You can have as many websites as you want, along with a storefront, through the marketplace.

Setting up Your Digital Download Website

Once you have a digital download, either something you created or have the rights to sell, set up your digital download website. Choose a background theme and an easy-to-use menu style. If you are using a template, look at all the choices, and choose the one you like the most and the one that is the most professional. Then, download the digital download file. PayLoadz offers a bulk upload option to make certain all your files are easily imported to the storage server and can then be accessed the minute someone makes a purchase. Arrange the files on your site in a list of most popular, and ensure that everything is properly described and priced.

Getting the Shopping Cart Ready for a Digital Download

The shopping cart, which comes with your PayLoadz account, will be ready as soon as you upload your files to the PayLoadz server. You can make a few changes if you like, such as whether you want to accept certain types of payments like Google Checkout or PayPal. You might also want to offer discount and coupon areas on the shopping cart checkout page.

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